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After a thirty years experience on extraction and transformation of natural stones and marbles, in 2016 TWS creates Trame di Pietra®,

a project based on research, high expertise on natural stones and creativity of architects and designers.


The goal of the project is proposing an innovative interpretation of classic materials as stone and marble: new and unique textures and patterns transform the material in exquisite surfaces, suitable for flooring and wall coverings.

Texture intrecci carrara engraved on bianco carrara marble
Texture rope engraved on full body porcelain tiles

Small and simple lines meet the stone and its different tones creating unique movements that give value to the material.

Simplicity of the style, value of marble and stone, care and ability of dealing with such a classic and noble material are the key strengths of these products that find the best expression when they meet creativity and projects customization.

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